The Supro 16T adapted for use as a distortion stompbox



The Supreaux Deux is much closer to the original Supro amp than the Supreaux, approaching the amp's mellow and dynamic tone while capturing its characteristic growl. Nevertheless, some people might still like the original Supreaux for what it is: a brighter and gainier version that's not so close to the amp, yet good in its own right.

Listen to the Supreaux, Supreaux Deux, and Supro amp!

Here are pin voltages from the official build to provide a baseline (supply voltage from a 9.1v battery):

Q1 J201Q2 J201Q3 MPF102 (2N5457)
D4.57 D4.58 D4.59 (4.60)
S269mV S246mV S.690 (.621)
zero voltage at all gates

Pablo De Luca (aka Gringo) contributed a PCB layout for the Supreaux (PDF, 168k)

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